Justhost.com or Hostgator.com Web Hosting?

justhost or hostgator hosting

If you are thinking of using either Magento, OSCommerce, ZenCart, CubeCart, X-Cart or other open sources e-commerce solution such as Drupal or Joomla, find out below about which hosting we highly recommend. We actually compared these e-commerce hosting services in terms of their support, coupon code, promotion, billing, and control panel.

Read our reasons for recommending the better e-commerce web site hosting. Is Hostgator which cost about $9.95 for the Baby package any good? JustHost Web Hosting hosting cost only $4.95 but is it the preferred deal? From what you have read and heard on the internet, they are both providing cheap web hosting packages but which one is more dependable for hosting your e-commerce website?

Hostgator Or Justhost web hosting

Why Hostgator is better for e-Commerce?

According to a web comparison hosting site, you are better off with Hostgator as compared to with Justhost. Hostgator scored higher in customer satisfaction research by an independent web host comparison site, webhostcomparison.org. More than 89.8% of customers love Hostgator. Any Hostgator review you find on the web most probably was about how impressed he/she is with Hostgator. Justhost, on the other hand, received too many complaints and negative reviews for our liking.

5 Reasons to Summarize why Hostgator is better than Justhost

  1. Hostgator started much earlier than Justhost hence is more experienced
  2. They has been widely reported to have superior customer support with knowledgeable tech support
  3. Hostgator lets you try their hosting for free (actually almost “free” because you pay a penny with Hostgator coupon code listed below)
  4. The company offers different packages for shared hosting that may suit your needs better
  5. Hostgator’s CEO, Brent, is active in forums and blogs around the internet but you don’t hear much about who is behind Justhost

Hostgator Coupons

Pick which coupon you want. If you are still not sure, why not try them for only $0.01 using the coupon below. If you are certain that Hostgator is a perfect hosting for you, you save you 20% of your total payment.

Just take note that price should not be the only consideration in choosing an e-commerce web hosting service. cheapest hosting like with Justhost may have an inverse impact on your business in the long run. Paying that few extra dollars a month to Host Gator can make a big difference to your hosting experience and the smooth running of your e-commerce site in the long run.

So, now that you have the facts, you just have to try Hostgator for yourself. We also found that it is painless to have Zen Cart, X-Cart, AgoraCart, Cube Cart, Lite Commerce, Ubercart, OS Commerce, or ShopSite running on Hostgator. They start from as low as $4.95 per month although you still need to decide which package suits your business requirements better. Try Hostgator for free (almost), simply go to the Hostgator coupon above, save money and start your e-commerce application today.

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